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Has worked in youth ministry for almost 15 years. The last 9 years he has served as the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of St Petersburg (FL). He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Marketing and from St Leo University with a Master's in Theology. 

Ryan is married. Together, Ryan and Sarah has 3 bio children. They are licensed foster parents and have fostered over 25 children since 2016.


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High School years are some of the most formative years of our lives. Our time in high school lays a foundation for us to grown upon. Though, these years can be a blurry melting pot of scary, confusing, and lonely times. Ryan can tackle the hard topics our high school students are facing so as to point them to Christ and assisting them in determine who they are called to be.




Having been married now for almost 10 years, Ryan is officially an expert in least in all the things NOT to do in marriage. The rest, he is working on! Together, we will unpack ways to prepare our hearts for marriage and if needed, refocus our strategy for a beautiful relationship with our spouse.

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Confirmation is just the beginning of our journey of faith. Yet, for so many, it is viewed as the end. Ryan enjoys spending time with students on Confirmation retreats to focus on ways to grow in our Catholic identity and prepare for a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ.




Being Catholic means that we are called to be active. Active in our faith and in our community. We are all asked to lead others to Christ through our various experiences and interactions. How are we able to discern our gifts in such a way that we lead others close to Jesus in prayer and sacrament?

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Being a man is great! But being a man of God is difficult. It requires focus, prayer, strength, discernment, and the desire to put the needs of others first. These talks will work to shape the men in our community into men of God!

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Are you going on a trip or a pilgrimage? On a trip you are going to see things. On a pilgrimage, you are seeking things...seeking God. Whether you are traveling internationally, to a March for Life, or staying home, let's prepare for ways that we can seek all that God is trying to share with us!

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No two young adults are the same. Their journeys are distinctly different, yet for many, they are still longing for community and a connection to Jesus Christ. These talks can be geared to transitioning from high school to young adulthood; navigating the various pathways of being a young adult; discerning our vocations; or just seeking Christ in our communities.

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Ryan has three biological children and has fostered over 25 children, all ranging in age and personality. This is definitely the hardest job that he has ever held! Yet, staying rooted in Christ and his partnership with his wife, this is also the most fulfilling experience. Let's discern ways to prepare for parenthood, ways to celebrate our parenthood, and ways to pray for necessary changes!

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At 15 years old, Ryan went on his first service retreat and it transformed his understanding of God. Service was the way that God inspired Ryan to know his calling. 20 years later, service is still an integral part of his ministry. How are you being called by God to serve and help those in most need?

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We are called to be pro-life in all ways. We are called to pray for life, witness for life, and speak out in the defense of life. It's not easy, but we must always be prepared to defend the vulnerable. 

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Being placed into foster care can happen to anyone. And in all cases, it happens due to no fault of the child. Each child deserves a safe and loving place to go. The journey ahead of them isn't always going to be an easy one. How can properly minister to these youth, increase the awareness of foster care, and call forward ways to properly meet the needs of such a great cause? 

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Roughly every three years, the Pope invites youth and young adults to join him for a week in a different country. These World Youth Day (WYD) events are filled with hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of youth seeking Christ through prayer, community and celebration. However, you don't just show up to a WYD. It's a beautiful pilgrimage that takes time in preparing for, otherwise you run the risk of missing the reason for this journey. Together, we will be able to discuss ways to prepare your group to travel to a WYD and be open to all that God has in store!

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