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Hannah Shea a worship leader and singer-songwriter from Clearwater, Florida. In the Fall of 2019, she graduated with a certificate from the National Praise and Worship Institute and an Associate’s degree in Praise and Worship from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee. She is still attending University and working towards her Bachelors in Commercial Music with a minor in songwriting. Through her studies, Hannah has received hands-on training through participation in multiple worship bands.

Hannah plays guitar and piano and has a huge heart for bringing the gospel message teens through music. Hannah has lead worship for Good Samaritan Project 2019 and 2020 and continues to lead worship as a solo musician in both the Diocese of St. Petersburg and Nashville. 


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Middle school is a time of formation. It’s a time where young people begin to take all they’ve been taught, decide what has value, and choose who they’re going to be, and Hannah wants to convince young people to make their faith #1. In an interview with Hannah she said, “One time I was in a room full of youth when one girl said, “At my church we have to tell the priest all the bad things we’ve done” to which another girl replied, “Well, at my church we don’t have to do that.” The girl answered, “Then, I want to go to your church.” I knew that if that girl understood the “Why” behind her Catholic faith, she would’ve had a different answer.” Hannah is passionate about helping middle schoolers understand why their faith has value so they can choose it for themselves and in turn, bring others to Christ. 

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Hannah believes confirmation is a beautiful time for people in faith walks of all stages to choose Christ as their personal Lord and savior, and to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit so they can be His disciples. She wants to help answer the questions, “How do you build a personal relationship with God? What does it look like to be a courageous witness of the Gospel?” Hannah loves meeting confirmation students in their needs and guiding them in the next steps of their faith journey through relational ministry, confirmation retreats, and more.



Having gone to public high school, Hannah knows the treacherous life of the halls – temptation around every corner and the daunting pressure for teens to make decisions about their future. As teens experience all that the world has to offer, and strive to find themselves amidst the chaos, Hannah desires to help teens understand that Christ is the only trustworthy path. She says, “In high school, teens have the potential to build habits that can last a lifetime and I want to help them build holy ones. And it’s important that they don’t just know how to build them, but why they’re of value.” Hannah believes prayer and sainthood is for everyone if they truly understand what they were made for.

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