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Following her Confirmation, Cierra jumped into catechetical ministry and has been involved in catechesis and youth ministry ever since. Sharing the Catholic Faith with others, especially young people, is her passion. In 2018, she graduated from Catholic Distance University with a degree in Theology. Currently, she is the Director of Religious Education at her home parish of St. James the Apostle in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida.


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The middle school years are an awesome time of growth- especially for growth in the Lord! All people, especially middle schoolers, desire to be known, loved, and heard. Cierra can reach out to youth, helping them realize that no one knows, loves, or hears them more than God.

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Am I really just teaching a class, or am I echoing the words of the Master? Cierra can help catechists and parents learn more about their faith and develop the craft of catechesis.


Drawing on her experience with sacramental preparation, Cierra will give a deeper understanding of the Sacraments and how to prepare for them. Whether it’s for RCIA, Teen Confirmation, First Communion, or First Reconciliation, let’s appreciate the Sacraments and their preparation more!



During high school, youth are challenged to take more responsibility, learn more, and grow into adulthood. These talks can address how to rise to these challenges in our spiritual life: how we can take ownership of our faith, learn more about the God who loves us and the Church He gave us, and grow into spiritual maturity.



Where do we come from? God’s Word gives us a stunning spiritual heritage that we don’t always recognize. Let’s explore together our history and ancestry through Salvation History!

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