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Catholic Youth Ministry Speakers

Covid has hit our communities and our churches hard. Yet, it has given us the opportunity to refocus our needs and our gifts. We are excited to share this site as a resource to accompany you as your ministry recovers from this pandemic.


Many of the speakers featured may not be names that you are used to, but they highly skilled leaders in the Church and are looking to provide your youth, young adults, and families with a genuine encounter of the faith. 

Utilizing one of these speakers or musicians will allow you the opportunity to hear a new perspective in ministry while being cost effective. They are seeking new ways to serve and to spread the Good News!

Our speakers are excited to offer their services to help your parish, school or diocese. Each speaker comes with a wide array of experience, knowledge and skills. They can help your youth ministry by assisting with online sessions or by leading your upcoming retreat. They can also provide practical support in training your team. All while working around your ministry's budget!


Available via Zoom calls or in person events!

Find New Ways to Spread the Word of God to Every Corner of the World

Pope Francis

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Find Your Next Speaker

Are you interested in being listed on our database as a speaker or musician? If so, please apply below:

 This ministry is supported through the Diocese of St. Petersburg and donations to the Annual Pastoral Appeal.

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